our story

every day we’re up early gathering the 
best produce we can find. we follow the seasons and 
cook simply in small batches to offer you a quality, freshly cooked
meal for just $9.00 - delivered

we only make 50 feeds per day.  reserve yours now.

how it works

you order a meal,  we cook it,  pack it and deliver it to a pick up spot near you on mondays and wednesdays​ 
feeding a group? see our catering menu below, email us with your request at food@50feeds.com

the food

our food is made from scratch, it is always fresh, locally and responsibly sourced where possible, 
preservative free, sugar free, gluten free and artificial additive free. 

simply put, its real food made by real people, its delicious and good for you.  

order date and time cut offs

all orders must be in by 11am Sunday for that week please

orders cannot be cancelled once placed, no alterations or changes to meals are permitted
all meals are subject to slight variations depending on seasonal produce and availability​


mondays and wednesdays by 1pm
to a refrigerated pickup spot near you. see below

pick up spots near you

  • World Gym Yuma (2205 W 23rd St)
  • MCAS Yuma (MAWTS1 Lunch fridge in the foyer)
  • Yuma Regional Hospital (2400 S Avenue A)
  • Planet Fitness (1232 S Castle Dome Ave)
  • Cross Fit Yuma (1735 S 1st Avenue)


all payments must be made online, we do not take phone orders or carry cash.​​

where we cook

our commercial kitchen is located at 645 S 2nd Avenue, Yuma.
 It is a commercial teaching kitchen designed to hold classes and group dinners.  

We support the Committed Program

event catering

we can cater for any event, from sit down dinner to cocktail finger food.  reach out to us at food@50feeds.com.

savory foods catering menu

sweet foods catering menu

here are a few things you might like to know. If you have questions that are not covered here, just send us a
quick email: food@50feeds.com or phone us: (858) 226 4101
how does it all work?
we cook, pack and deliver 50 of the same style meals each day.   The food is locally sourced, fresh and delicious.  
The meals are packaged in microwavable boxes in case you decide to freeze and reheat.

why do you only make 50 daily meals?
to provide you with the best meal possible, we cook small batches of locally sourced fresh food each day,
our food supply is limited because it is not frozen.

why do you only have one dish on the menu each day?
we would rather cook one dish really well than lots of dishes poorly.

does the menu change weekly?
no. it changes every few weeks.

how do i know where to collect my meal from?
meals are delivered to a pick up spot near you.  when you
place your order, simply pick the location that is closest to you.
how will i know which meal is mine?
all meals are marked with names
can i order a meal on the weekend?
we only cook on Monday to Friday.  We use the weekends to love on our families.

when is the ordering cut off for today's lunch delivery?
every sunday at 11.00am for that week

how will i know when my meal has arrived?
the meals are delivered as per the schedule above, you will not receive an email,
text or phone call, you simply need to attend your designated delivery location and collect your meals.

Help I have a problem!
don't panic, we can fix almost anything.  send us an email and put 'help' in the subject line or give us a call.
email: food@50feeds.com or (858) 226 4101

"A review is a must here !!!!! I absolutely love the spaghetti squash bolonese!!!!!! I tried it here for the first time and it is nothing short of deliciousness.....it is so perfect and yummy!!!! I will forever order this from now on when available !!!! Thank you ... thank you .... thank you :)" M.L.
"Everything is just great..." L.C.
"After our first order from you last week, we think we like it pretty well. The food was both wholesome and delicious..." N.M.
"Yay! We are so looking forward to it!" T.H.

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